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Friday, April 17, 2009

split decision

I rode out to the end of the Fern Ridge Path at dawn yesterday. Whenever some friends want to go for a casual ride and we have about an hour, that's the usual route. This time, I went it alone. I enjoyed riding at my own pace, but what's more, I needed the meditative headspace a solo ride affords.

I thought about how, for the past few weeks, many posts had gone unwritten because I was worried the content was too personal or too newsy. How, for a long time, this blog straddled the divide between being a creative outlet and a clearinghouse for all things bike in Eugene.

At the end of the path, I stopped, thought some more, took pictures of my bike, and realized that what I really need in my life is another blog.

Henceforth, anything that requires the use of first-person narrative will appear here. Information with broader appeal that would benefit from a more distant, professional style will go there. There may potentially be some crossover, but that's the idea.


  1. You know, I was actually thinking about mentioning this to you. Eugene needs our own BikePortland and I think you're the man for the job. Get them to announce it's launch and you'll suddenly have the go to site for Eugene info. We need it consolidated and a dedicated reporter. Throw on an add or two and you'll have your new "bike related job."

    I sometimes feel like I have the same dissonance with my blog. It often straddles back and forth between bike/circus/juggling news and personal blather. The archives are WAY to offensive for that blog to ever go legit. I've been thinking of starting a new site myself - but maybe I'll just send crap your way instead - or if you like even do some write-ups. (Kidical mass was fun today!)

  2. Excellent- nothing like a meditative morning ride to start some of the great ideas!
    So glad you're taking the handlebars and starting the journey of this new Eugene style blog! Though blogger works fine if you think about going more in-depth with something like WordPress Paul would be a good guy to talk to on getting dialed in on that.
    Look forward to sending news and items your way. Love the logo/name too. Comes across well. Ride On!

  3. I ended up doing that in my blog life too; have split the personal/political/absurd from the vaguely professional/I'm a serious artist with a human side thing. It works well, though I sometimes have less motivation to update the "serious" version! I look forward to keeping up with both, and thanks for being the catalyst for this great community forum!