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Sunday, March 28, 2010

hell hath frozen over

Saw this on UV today:

I had always wondered what would happen if Wally World used their epic subsidization resources to make a somewhat practical commuter bike. From the picture, it appears to have a three-piece bottom bracket, track ends, and metal pedals. So what if it’s made in a sweatshop with cheap aluminum; at least it’s displacing the typical “QUADRUPLE SUSPENSION BAJILLION SPEED” dumpster-fillers.

I can’t wait to see one of the can-collectors that frequent my alley rolling on one of these so I can check it out. Heck, I might even venture into a big blue box and ask to try one there.


I finally developed and scanned the only roll of film I shot on the NY-LA ride. With a really fun piece on Eugene polo still on the back-burner, I figured I ought to post SOMETHING for the month of March. So:

Red, meat.

IMG004Diner in Georgia.

IMG014Roy leads the pack through town.

IMG015Tyler gets excited about camping.