Sunday, November 1, 2009

fueled by oppression


Friends from polo Ian and Rose have a band with their friend Joe. They played the Jackalope last night. I recorded a few songs, one of which was actually bike-related.

It was a really fun set. Aside from the music, highlights included general sassines, darts, beer, and watching Ian try not to drop a tambourine while playing the melodica.

They're called Fueled By Oppression. The songs mentioned above are probably called "End All Be All," "Life Not Lawns," and "Fair Weather Cyclist."

PS there were a couple polo bikes there; check out this knuckle guard Boone brazed to his left handlebar:


  1. couple fixes: Our band mate is named Joe, not Tom, and the Pruis song is actually called "end all be all" Word.
    ps. our myspace URL:

  2. Wow I just heard the recordings and they sound pretty fuckin sweet, great job!