Sunday, March 28, 2010

hell hath frozen over

Saw this on UV today:

I had always wondered what would happen if Wally World used their epic subsidization resources to make a somewhat practical commuter bike. From the picture, it appears to have a three-piece bottom bracket, track ends, and metal pedals. So what if it’s made in a sweatshop with cheap aluminum; at least it’s displacing the typical “QUADRUPLE SUSPENSION BAJILLION SPEED” dumpster-fillers.

I can’t wait to see one of the can-collectors that frequent my alley rolling on one of these so I can check it out. Heck, I might even venture into a big blue box and ask to try one there.


  1. OK, you make a good point. Changing culture takes baby steps and evil people can do good even though they mean evil.

  2. Yea, Walmart will always carry cheap bikes, they might as well be a little be nicer. At that price, the quality can't be good enough to challenge the LBS too much.

  3. hey man, you don't ask to try them out there... the bikes are just out on display. I went in to a walmart for a laugh a while ago and broke one of their bikes while simply riding it down an isle.

  4. Best bike they make for people looking for "practical" city/ commuter bikes. I'd rather see folks ride these around then bikes that are "factory de-tuned". Go hit Wal-Mart on a summer Saturday- there are a lot f smiling faces in the bike isle.