Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the earliest day of the week [update]

I just phoned Dana, our general "a.m." route rider to make sure I'm working today. Though I am, the paper itself is delayed. There's nothing for us to deliver until 7:30 at the earliest. This gives me some time to wake up with a quick gear check.

Cold-weather messenger gear, budget version:

A cheap pair of bib shorts. Think padded-spandex bike shorts with integrated spandex suspenders. The straps prevent the shorts from slipping — and keep your nipples warm and un-chafed.

Spandex arm warmers. So I can go short-sleeve without shedding a whole layer.

Spandex 3/4 shorts or "knickers." Yeah, they're the CHROME ones. Yeah, they're probably overpriced.

Spandex cycling jersey. No I'm not a rabid Quacker. I got it at a discount at my old job, the UO Bookstore.

The organic-cotton PedEx tee.

Goofy wool sweater from St. Vincent DePaul.

Lightweight windbreaker. When I get to CAT, I'll swap this for a waterproof one with out logo.

WOOL SOCKS. They make life bearable. I will never have to feign a smile if my parents give me socks again, as long as they're wool.

Nasty, beat-up old Adidas. Overdue for an upgrade here.

Waterproof, breathable pants. I'm not going to put these on unless it's actually raining, but they're coming with me.

Helmet. It's a Bern Watts, hand-painted by Aaron Sullivan.

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