Friday, November 28, 2008

In the red on Black Friday

The last time I'll park here for a while:

Today was the last day PedEx delivered the mail for Green Gear. Tough times have forced the makers of the Bike Friday to cut costs. Nonetheless, they're having a Black Friday sale:

That's Ruthy Kanagy, travel system consultant. She leads bicycle tours of Japan. She's even published a guide. Order your black Bike Friday direct before midnight Sunday to get 15% off!

Back at CAT, there was plenty of activity outside:

Five college students had rented most of our for-sale used bikes (only $3 an hour!) to go for a ride instead of shopping on their black friday. They asked me to recommend a sandwich shop. I sent them to Monroe St. Cafe.

And some video from polo yesterday:

And a photo of the offending skid patch that made me flat on the way home:

The tire was a Panaracer Pasela, 700x28; a great winter tire. I swapped it for the only spare tire around the house, a Soma Everwear 700x23:

The Soma is narrow and treadless. I rode around on it a little and it's definitely ill-suited for winter. Even riding over a dewy strip of paint, the rear end gets squirrelly.

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  1. Awesome post! Probably my favorite thus far. Well done on the vid.