Saturday, March 14, 2009

Naked Bike Ride

So this happened today. The print media characterized it as "a demonstration against the country’s energy dependence," which isn't untrue, but a bit narrow. More broadly, it was about 50 people riding their bikes in various states of undress. Besides, these people demonstrate for energy independence every day, when they choose to drive a bike to work, school, the coffee shop, the grocery store.

Here's a much better statement of purpose, written by a rider and read by ride coordinator Ruth Belcher.

The EPD was there to block traffic for us. They also helped keep the group together. PS—there's nothing like running a red light with no pants and a police escort.

Here, the group returns to Monroe Park at the end of the loop. It went from the park to 13th, up Oak, then west on 8th back to the park. Check out the dude in the front. He's written everybody's favorite irrational number across his birthday suit. Why? Today's date is 3/14. Pi Day.

A clip from the ride. Don't miss: trumpet, ironic comment, happy old people, cop corking intersection, tall bike.

Representation from the UO Cycling Team.

From left to right: random guy, the campus Jesus dude, coordinator Ruth Belcher.

Taking foolishness seriously with a pre-ride stretch.

I asked this guy something along the lines of "What the hell? Why no naked?" His answer was perfect: "Duh! Gorillas are always naked!"

Now that's unconvective. Like this fellow, many people were very close to—but not quite—naked. The theme seemed to be "dare to bare." Everybody's attire was appropriately inappropriate for the beautifully rainy, 40-degree day in Eugene, Oregon, thankyouverymuch.

A few thoughts from Ruth and other riders.

A bunch of us stopped for coffee and pie pi at Sweet Life afterward.

Next: something strikingly similar but completely different.


  1. marvelous! thanks for the coverage?

    does the media go naked?

  2. Not quite naked myself, but my attire was appropriately inappropriate, to be sure.