Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tweed ride

The first three months of 2009 have seen three tweed-themed bicycle events. In January, London's Tweed Run started the trend. San Francisco followed in February. Today, March 15, Eugene joined the club. Unlike the big-city events, our weather was uncooperative, and attendance numbered in the single digits.

Here's Chris Nelsen of Bike Friday in the foreground. Note his wicker basket. Ordinary cyclist in the background. This is about where I caught the group on the north side of the river bike path between Autzen and Knickerbocker. I'd had a few mechanical issues right before the ride but was lucky enough to pick up a route map at the start.

We broke for tea under a bridge. That's organizer Hans Kuhn on the right. His wife, Martha, wore a handmade jacket/skirt combo that one must see to fully appreciate.

Chris and Katura. Note the cup and saucer. These folks had the look totally down.

Locking up Cozmic Pizza after 20 miles of terrifically torrential tweediness.

Ordering coffee with Karl Dietzler, who sported the best mustache of the ride.

After sitting and chatting about a few other ideas for fun, non-sporty rides in the future (another tweed ride in May, donut-shop-hopping up Highway 99 to Voodoo in Portland, mustache ride, etc.), we noticed a veritable reservoir had formed beneath us and our drippy natural fibers. It was time to go home.

Andrea was kind enough to snap me, damp and dapper. I'll have to do something about those shoes before next time.

Oh! And check out Chris and Katura's flickr set for more great pictures. Like this one, taken pre-ride at Hideaway Bakery with April DeLaurier of the Bottom Brackettes and Eric Estlund of Winter Bicycles:

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  1. That really was a blast, wasn't it? I wish I'd been able to capture a film of you galloping across the soggy meadow to join the group--so cinematic!

    I will point out that we had 14+ folks show up at the bakery itself to either ride or cheer the riders on, so that was pretty awesome for the crazy weather and early hour. Still grinning like mad from the fun of it all!