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Monday, March 2, 2009

Pictures of stuff that actually happened

I really like the pink derailer cable routing here. Conventional? No. Effective? YES. Call it "Unconvective."

The placement of the shift lever on this bike is equally unconvective.

Jeremiah broke the regulator on his MIG setup. At to Industrial Source to get a replacement, I browsed the welders' caps and found this maillot à pois rouges-esque number.

Mike broke his crank on the way to Burrito Boy.

He said it snapped on him as he was standing up to accelerate. Mike's already got a new pair on and switched to track pedals with double-strap toeclips. He's actually really stoked.

Polo at the parking lot by Albertson's on 18th went past dark. We even played a couple rain games.

Minibike racing at Lane's (ware)house-warming.


1 comment:

  1. Wow, that cable housing routing job is awesome.

    I haven't heard much good about the truvativ stylo cranks:
    - "Broke drive side arm just near the spider..."
    - "Lasted barely a year before I snapped the left crankarm..."
    - "managed to snap the right side crank at the join with the spider..."