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Monday, July 27, 2009


When riding in a group, choosing to stop is normally a democratic process:

"There's Judy! Does anybody need water?"

"Gas station! Bathroom anyone?"

but, when a thrift store shows up:
"Slowing...Thrift store left! THRIFT STORE! TURNING LEFT!"

I even have a whole flickr set dedicated to thrift stops.

At one store, Allison couldn't help but pick up a banjo, and even played a little.

There was a bunch of cool stuff to see there. We even chatted with the owner a bit.

By the way, Allison has a blog. It's listed in the sidebar, and it's called Allison Rides Bikes.

Also, if you do the iTunes thing, you can subscribe to the blog as a podcast. This will be the last of the musical podcasts from the backlog. Next will be Andre, Harrell, or Watermelon Men. Or maybe Bill.

1 comment:

  1. hey! sweet stuff, I just came across your blog and think is pretty sweet the ride you are all doing ;)
    ithink ihad seen something about it from sjfixed when 2 riders took off, but not sure if it's the same ride.
    anyways, ride on, this is pretty rad
    xo./from san francisco