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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Volunteered to sweep today. To stay behind the old dudes, I'm reluctantly breakfasting at my least favorite chain restaurant. Hint: its spokesman is a clown. I almost gave the cashier a brain hemorrage when I asked whether I should get the combo or just order a sandwich and coffee. But at least there's wifi.

Rode just shy of 100 miles yesterday. It was especially brutal because the whole team went out to karaoke the night before. About six of us rode in the vans, or "sagged it." I wanted to, but I had sagged just five days before, and also feel a strange obligation to the bicycle, as if I'd be letting it down; leaving it in the stable whilst the other steeds gallop across the countryside. Plus, I wanted to take a bunch of pictures.


A rundown service station, driven out of business by a corporate giant.


Glad I didn't go into the automotive business.


Inside The Sparerib, a proper southern BBQ joint. Be sure to click through to the full size of this one; there are magic-eye posters of the space shuttle and a stealth bomber. Will upload a conversation Chad had with the owner soon.


Rode with a bungie cord yesterday. This was a Good Idea, as this is what the rear rack looked like when I reached the hotel.


The Haul. Clockwise from top-left: today's breakfast, free 1000-piece picture-puzzle from leathery old lady's yard sale, huntsman's camo "KOOL-PAK," Nike sportshirt (marked at $2, paid $1), JC Penney "ROUND-UP" cowboy shirt, roadscored plastic fir tree branch (my motivational mascot for the all-uphill, 30-mile final leg of the ride), gel pens for writing my url on the 42 Below bisiness cards (their site still isn't up), and nail clippers found--still packaged--on the side of the road. Not pictured: American flag pin, which I will wear daily to show cycling and patriotism are not mutually exclusive.

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