Monday, January 26, 2009

cat scratch fever: post-race

I tried to take pictures and video of the post-race festivities (worst stopper, trackstand twister, footdown, etc.), but I was too tired (finishing mid-field despite a minor weight disadvantage) to shoot anything decent.

Luckily, I saw Nick Fisher snapping away with a Canon G10, and took his number. He just phoned to tell me he posted a Flickr set (from which I stole the image above). Click through, be amazed, and leave the man some comments!

Thanks, Nick!


  1. Dude, nice work! Glad to see the blog is back up and running! Or at least your posts are.

    Awesome work on the video, I actually watched the whole thing.

    Have you given any thought of going to Portland or San Fran and blogging about the scene there? Apart from film festivals, that is...