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Friday, January 30, 2009

riding in the city

I love it.

Visited Portland Tuesday night.

Rode up with Micah for his birthday. We stayed the night.

Wednesday, he visited his family. I saw the city.

There were people riding bikes.

And walking.

Saw this pizza-delivery machine on my way to meet Bryan.

We visited Clever Cycles, which provides for active transport needs in P-town.

Like this front-loading flatbed trike. The whole front end pivots with the wooden bed. That's Bryan on it. Also: many fun helmets.

The Cetma Cargo had just arrived. Fun to ride and compare with its prototype. Hung around and chatted with Martina Fahrner about cargo solutions and working with various independent bike and trailer companies the world over. They are very much connected with the industry of everyday cycling as a part of life as an upright citizen.

The Recyclery is right around the corner, so we stopped in to look around.

This sexy beast jumped out and bit me right away. Feeeel the stencil.

Mmm. Orange flavor.

Pretty, old brakes.

And a miniature version hanging on the wall!

Parked outside.
I spoke with the tight-lipped owner. Don't know what it's for exactly, but the entire chassis is bolted together—no welds. Open floor.

Picked up Michelle at her apartment building. These new Paul Franks were conspicuously cabled together at the edge of the courtyard. Guerilla advertising? Who knows. My bike flirted with them.

Ended up at a bar in the Pearl with Bryan and Michelle. See them inside? Played pool.

Got snap-happy.

Probably took over 30 pictures from the same spot. I think this one alone made it worthwhile.

PDX JAM 2009! Bar-napkin-directions to the MAX station that would take me to the Beaverton Transit Center, where I met back up with Micah to return to the EUG.

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