Tuesday, January 27, 2009

a trip to the store

By "store," I mean the Salvation Army on 7th and Jefferson. My roommates and I qualify for income-based food assistance, so we biked to our local pantry to pick up a big box of free food.

Sure, there's a store a few blocks from my house, and this route is nearly three miles and goes through downtown. But I actually enjoyed the ride there, and the food was free. Beat that.

Passing the middle school, I saw this chap snoozing in his car. Window down to feel the sun on his face.

Seconds later, this fellow dozing on the sidewalk. No car, no window to roll down. Also: poppin' hi-tops.

Passing the high school, I couldn't help but notice three bikes locked up in a line, as if on display:

Iconic commuter: road bike, flat bar, fenders. Helmet.

Fixed gear. Brakeless, track geometry, risers. Helmet.

Trials bike. Token saddle, rear disc brake, suspension fork. Helmet.

Each bike is as different as its rider, but they all bike to school, and they all wear helmets. It's not so much that I think helmets are the salvation of humanity, but they're required for ages below 16 in Oregon, and the fact these kids choose to wear them without shame is encouraging. Stuff like this gives me faith in the future.

My roomies, Andrea and Garrett, on their matching vintage Schwinns. Andrea's is a singlespeeded Traveler III with tourist bars and a huge basket. Garrett's riding a LeTour or something with 10 speeds, front and rear racks, fenders, and ridiculous risers. It was red once upon a time, but has since faded to a nice, rosy pink.

Because Garrett and I were injured, Andrea got to look tough and pull the trailer loaded with at least 50lbs of food.


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  1. I'm glad there's free food to help us out in these hard winter months. I prolly qualify as well but being vegan there's not much I can prolly eat :-(

    I do get free health insurance for being so broke, which has paid off tremendously since I go twice a week to physical therapy for my knee.