Monday, January 26, 2009

cat scratch fever: pre-race

Yesterday, Eugene had a little alleycat, or messenger race. Typically, this is an event for fixed gear bikes.

But. My back was bothering me a little, so I asked Lane to borrow a cargo bike. He let me use his prototype, which is perfect for a race with its smaller, lighter platform, steeper seat-tube and neon-green paint. It may have weighed three times as much as my average opponent's bike, but it kept the weight off my back and sported gears, brakes, and the ability to coast. I had a dream of sweet cargo victory.

Half my entry fee: a 10lb bag of cat litter for GreenHill Humane Society.

Racers milling about in the Tactics parking lot, pre-race. Note the Schwinn Varsity conversion, bottom-left. It still had a kickstand, which is cheeky.

Saw this great DIY fender. Pun intended.

At 2:00, racers claimed their manifests.

Spaceman here was the only one in costume. Automatic win.

A video and post-race photos to follow.

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