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Monday, February 9, 2009

Moving by bike.

Posts have been few and short in the past week, as I've been busy moving. Now that I finally have time to post, the material is dated. Not very bloggy, but here goes:

Ryan helps me load the massive 12' trailer at my old house Saturday, Jan. 31. I'll have to help him unload boxes at his new place tomorrow.

For the first load, we crossed the street on foot and Ryan rode on the trailer through the park.

Unloading at the new house with Ryan and roomies, Garrett and Andrea.

We broke for dinner and didn't get the next load over until after dark. Brendan and Boone were handy to help unload.

They may not be trained professionals, but you can't pay pros with beer.

I pulled the last load—mostly bike parts—in a child carriage with my fixed gear. I was cold and tired.

I have a huge backlog of material to post, so watch for stories about commuting, the UO Bike Loan Program, wheelbuilding, the Bike/Ped Summit and more.


  1. Moved from the east side of Amazon Park, near the pool, to the west side of Willamette, near the bowling alley. Pretty easy. Each load only took about 10 minutes to haul.