Friday, February 27, 2009

I spent $11.50 today.

Which is a lot, for me. But they were all worthy purchases.

My roomies and I decided to splurge on breakfast and went to the Keystone Cafe. Six dollars got me two coffees and a slice of blackberry pie. Plus a bite of Garrett's banana-buckwheat pancakes and Andrea's "Monster" omelet.

There's always a neat bike parked outside the Keystone. This Peugeot roadie was wearing wide tires, platform pedals, comfy handlebars and a leather saddle.

And a fine example of the recycle-bin-to-the-rescue fender.

Garrett went to work and Andrea asked if I would ride with her out to Jo-Ann Fabrics. We pedaled a few blocks to the river path and followed it to a spot where you can drops out to River Road just south of the Goodwill. That's where we saw this cool cat and his mean handcycle. Don't miss his American flag up in the corner of the photo.

A few minutes later, we arrived.

Another nice commuter locked up outside. This biker knows how to spend money wisely: note the heavy-duty Kryptonite U-lock, recycled seat cover and fun horn.

While Andrea looked for practical things like needles and curtain fabric, I browsed for skinsuit material. This stuff looks prime for a Mario Cipollini-inspired getup.

I liked this seafoam/fuscia combo, too. Sadly, the photo doesn't really do justice to the hotness of the colors. I found a nylon/spandex remnant for $5 that will make a pair of arm warmers.

Leaving, I saw this sticker on the door. For some reason, it made me laugh.

We decided to pop in to the nearby dollar store for a few more laughs.

We discovered "ginormous" has officially entered the American lexicon.

Consider this: why buy a $50 camera when you can by fifty $1 cameras?

People Crackers, "The People Dogs Love to Eat!" Seems fair.

I spent 50¢ on a giant tootsie roll and ate it on the way home.


  1. Did you talk to the guy with the hand-cycle? I'm pretty sure he was in Bend last week....AWESOME!!!

  2. I shouted, "You're my hero!" But he was going the other way, and I didn't want to make him stop. Such a personal rig. I especially liked the hand-sewn footnet and seatcover.

  3. That guy in the picture, got hit by an RV last summer, thrown four feet. At the time, he was already partially disabled, the getting slammed by an RV couldn't have helped. The RV driver, didn't see him, or check the crosswalk before turning. Suck.
    Damb car culture.