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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

If you don't read the UrbanVelo blog,

you miss really neat stuff like this post.

It's about an adaptable, bolt-on rear-end that turns an ordinary bike into a three-wheelin' cargo machine!

From the Lightfoot Cycles TCX page:

Installing a TCX on a bike is perhaps a half-hour project; easily done on a seasonal basis, but not something that you would plan to do and un-do daily or weekly. The bike chain must be lengthened a few inches. The brace attachment point varies according to the bike make and model, and may involve a special clamp.

Wish I had one of those for my move.


  1. I read that earlier and my concerns are how much weight can it take, how will it affect the frame? I know that certain bike trailers like say on their website you have to use a 26inch mtb or you can taco the rear wheel. Seems to attach like an extracycle. I want to see one in person and give it a ride.

  2. How did your move with the massive trailer go? Photos?

  3. Hey, this is Trevor from Corvallis. I dig your blog, which is something I don't find myself saying about most. It's cool to see how dedicated you are to serious bike-powered hauling.
    I work at a food co-op that gets deliveries from Hummingbird Wholesale, and I went on a tour of the facility with some coworkers, and we got to ride that sweet front-wheel drive trike.