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Friday, February 20, 2009

UO Bike Loan Program update

Just received an email from UO Bike Loan Program Coordinator Briana Orr:
Hey Alexander,

I just saw your blog! Thanks so much, it's a good piece. Just a couple corrections for you:

We only received $18,000 from ASUO over-realized funds, and $5,000 from Clif Bar & Co. last year for the pilot
And the barn is only open Saturdays during the Summer.

FYI - Bicycle Appreciation Day is happening again next Wednesday February 25th 10 - 2 pm in front of Lillis Business Center. We have volunteers, mechanics, food and live music lined up!
In my previous post, I erroneously reported the program got its start with $60,000, so I'm impressed and encouraged to report that the whole thing came about with just $23,000 in seed money! Now mark your calendar for Bicycle Appreciation Day!

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