Sunday, December 21, 2008

BFF part two

The welcome screen that plays before each set of films.

Day two of the Bicycle film festival in Portland was fun, fun, fun. The films were inspiring (The Way Bobby Sees It) exciting (Fast Friday, Macaframa), educational (The Six-Day Bicycle Races), to name a select few. Most fit into the "exciting" category.

Check out the energy in the crowd:

Sadly, I had expected an even stronger response to the whole shebang in progressive, bikey Portland. The BFF's presence in PDX had been stronger in the past. I spoke Zoe Schack, the promoter, about setting things up in Portland this year and last:

And it was a really fun event, but it could have been funner. Brendt Barbur, the "father" of the festival, told me how well it's been doing since its inception:

Maybe with a promoter on the ground in Portland, they'll do better next year. Better yet, maybe we can bring it to Eugene; the town is smaller, but I feel the cycling community is more tightly knit here. There's so much crossover between the commuters, racers, fixed-gear riders, hippie cruisers and such, it would be easy to sell out the Bijou. Not to mention the connection between cyclists and artists here...

If you're so inclined, check out the Bicycle Film Festival contact page and make something beautiful happen.

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