Wednesday, December 24, 2008

when Wednesday is Thursday

Local arts and entertainment tabloid, the Eugene Weekly, normally comes out on Thursdays. This week, Wednesday is Thursday because Thursday is a holiday.

Today, Pedaller's Express delivered just shy of 8,000 copies; fewer than usual, as the University is out of session. I did the downtown/west side route, or route "C," or "the big route," dropping close to 5,000 papers at about 60 spots.

Here's a few of the things I saw today.

Contrasting cargo vehicles under the awning at the Eugene Hilton. 7th & Oak.

Charming transit in the style of the Schwinn Sting Ray. Oregon Art Supply, 10th & Pearl.

Actually made by Huffy, and they call it the "Desert Rose." Classy.

Waterproof headwear, on a budget.

Pear plant planter in parking lot. Looks like you can have it both ways.

Did the compost run at the end of the day. Morning Glory gave us seventeen buckets of food waste!

Happy Hollandaise!

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