Tuesday, December 23, 2008

seen on the street

Windowsill on 13th & Oak.

Or is it art? Willamette & Broadway.

Bikes get the best parking. 8th & Oak.

Best place in town for nuts and bolts? Eugene Fastener. 5th & Wilson.

Top of the bin after my first day doing the "a.m./p.m." route.

High-vis fixed-gear in what appears to be snow trim. Knobby cyclocross tires, low gear ratio, fender, wide saddle, platform pedals, high handlebars. 8th & Willamette.

Looks like it's a Schwinn.
Also note: fender attached using electrical tape. Easy, effective.

Practical cruiser with fun paint. Coaster brake, chainguard, fender, wide saddle, low top-tube, high handlebars, basket, horn. West Park St.

Dig those purple rims.

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  1. I always did wonder what that "Looks like vandalism" thing was all about.. Very cool pics.