Saturday, December 6, 2008

Portland trip!

So I'm going up to Portland for the Bicycle Film Festival. Although I'm thinking of biking up (possible route), the train is definitely the way to return from a wild weekend in the city:

Obviously, I bought a "seat" for my bike. Also, I learned the business class seat is an easy choice when Bryan told me you get a copy of the NY Times and a $3 voucher for the food car. Not to mention more legroom, guaranteed A/C outlet, more mature clientele and oh yeah no waiting in line.

Astute readers will note this ticket is for Saturday, Dec. 13, something I missed until AFTER I submitted my online payment. I quickly found the service number on their "contact us" page (1-800-USA-RAIL, duh) and in about two minutes I was talking to an actual live human who fixed it in two more. Amazing service for a government-funded program.

I'm really looking forward to this. Come by the shop or call and leave me a message if you're crazy enough to ride 110 miles in two days.


  1. Tip: When you hand off the Silver Bullet to the train staff, be sure to wear full race gear and keep your helmet on. Don't forget to stress the monetary value of your machine and cast doubtful glances at the other bikes aboard. Your Courvoisier awaits, Business Class Cyclist Guy.

  2. Bryan, you should write for BikeSnob when he goes on sabbatical — or all the time.