Wednesday, December 31, 2008

the last day

My last day at Pedaller's Express was pretty fun. I needed to make some equipment substitutions, but it didn't rain and I was on time.

Arriving at the Weekly office with other PedEx-ers, pre-dawn. Dana's on Long Haul #2 for a.m./p.m., Ja's using the Tri-Hauler for the campus route, and I'm on Black Beauty with a trailer for downtown/Whiteaker. Numbers vary every week based on special events and such, but we deliver about 8,000 copies between the three routes.

Signing off bundles for the first of three legs (50 papers per bundle; in this case, 1,875 papers). The first leg of my route is the heaviest. It hits the bus station and the bars right off the bat.

Click the photo to enlarge. You'll see the kid on the left's sign reads "JUST CLOWNIN AROUND." He was standing outside the Hilton on 6th & Oak, wearing a clown nose, in full hobo-chic. At eight in the morning. On new year's eve. Love this town.

Scrawlings on the periodicals rack at the Red Barn on 4th & Blair. I like the first half better and try to read it every time I stop there.

Last visit to Eugene Fastener. I'll really miss their impeccable service. If you ever need a nut, bolt, etc., go there. Or go if you work in retail and would like to be inspired.

"Hey, are you gathering firewood on your bicycle? Can I take your picture?" She just laughed. Be this woman and know goodness.

Final assignment was to take the little Swift Folder and the huge ten-foot trailer to pick up three 4x8-foot sheets of 3/4-inch plywood. Pretty fun. The worker who brought it out on a forklift and helped me strap it down couldn't stop saying "sweet!"

Bikes of Eugene:

Spotted outside Farmer's Union, 5th & Olive. Very interesting: BMX frame, coaster brake, suspension fork, super-tall seatpost, stem, handlebars. Tape everywhere. No lock.

Outside Grower's Market, Amtrak parking lot. Really old Schwinn with many original parts. Smashed but probably semi-functional basket. Unembarrassed.

Finally, a couple fun videos:

Andrew's practical, comfy fixed gear. Note handy basket and high handlebars. Love the flag (his truck bears the American stars and stripes).

Tom's ski bike. This man lives other people's dreams.

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