Sunday, December 7, 2008

lack of electricity yields creativity

Snaps I took with the Lomo Fisheye when I f0rgot to charge the Canon A1000IS:

Shadowy figures mill about at the secret polo location.

Jeremiah, CAT veteran. Taught me most of what I know about making busted bikes go and stop.

Andrew rides Mike's backwards chopper.

Hauling down an empty street on the Green Machine.

The Silver Bullett, with new, larger chainring and bars properly dropped.

This was the first roll of B&W I developed myself, as evidenced by all the dust and scratches. Ilford HP5 Plus 400 with Ilford chemistry.

The Canon is definitely a better camera for documentation purposes — getting the shot you need when you need it — but film, in its sloppiness, has more character.

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  1. really enjoying your post. that's great that you are developing your film :) mew