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Thursday, December 25, 2008

a reader made my christmas merrier... sending me an email! I spied local Mike Seager taking the lane on 29th & Willamette a few days ago. Caught and chatted with him and gave him my card. He sent me a link to a fun video he helped make. Skip the two minute mark to see him making heroically bad cow jokes, then watch the rest.

He also knowledge-checked me on my advice for riding in the snow:

I read what you said in your blog about riding in the snow - and I have say it's just what you are used to. I worked for the Bikes At Work people...for over 2 years pulling 9 foot 600lb trailers of recycling in the snow and ice, usually in single digit temperatures. I just had huge knobby snow tires and got used to my front tire plowing (like a ski) while putting all my weight on my rear. I also had to learn to never lean into turns in the winter.

I'd like to see a video of that.

So Mike's a prety neat guy. Read the whole email here.

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