Tuesday, December 9, 2008

casual monday

My fancy Chrome pants ripped at polo last week when the knee caught a cable guide on the top tube of my Schwinn. I gave them to a Martin for repair, and he still had 'em yesterday. I had to wear jeans:

Not a very professional look, but the route was short, and the only stop involved no customer contact. But they were uncomfortable; I'm accustomed to working in fancy, cycling-specific fabrics. I also went without my clipless shoes, which was a bad choice; they really do make a huge difference in speed and comfort.

Today, Martin hand-delivered the Chrome knickers to me at breakfast, even gave some advice about the ride to Portland. And the stitch-job was immaculate.

In the fabrication shop (Human Powered Machines) everyone was sweating to get a bunch of hardware out the door before the holidays so we can all have a little vacation time. Our new welder, Tyler, has been a big boon to speeding up production:

He's a good tigger. A few of the models in the pipes:

Tri-hauler, 1/3 ton model. Burgundy, sans container.

Three (Count 'em three!) Long hauls, all powdercoated; black with rainbow flake, silverchrome and fire-engine red. The black and silver ones are basically done and only need to be test-ridden before packing and shipping. The red one still needs to be fitted with its aluminum rack and spring-loaded, double-kickstand.

Three quarter-ton trailers, burgundy, with custom wooden side slats. Also basically done. There's one more, but I can't show it yet. ;)

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