Saturday, December 6, 2008

a couple of changes

Had been running a really low gain ratio (4.0) and cruiser-flipped some Soma Major Taylors upside down and backwards as my back was still recovering from an injury. Back at 100 percent, I made a few changes:

Swapped the 42-tooth chainring for a 52, yielding a 5.0 gain ratio; now it only takes about 70 rpm to hit 15 mph. It took about 90 before, which had always guaranteed funny looks from those heading the other way on the bike path.

So far it's been nice not having to spin as much; my top speed is probably around 30 mph, where it used to be more like 26. On the other hand, I don't warm up as fast, and I feel like I'm working my knees much more than my hips now, which is bad for both of them.

Also flipped the bars down proper and taped them up:

This has been good for climbing, but I miss being upright at times.

That, and before -- when I dropped down and held the bars right by the stem -- they wrapped up high around my elbows. Looked like wings.

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